Post-It Note Madness

Post-It Note Madness

 I went in for bread and milk. Seriously, that’s all! Bread and milk. And this is just a portion of what I walked out with in my cart!

Why do you have such power over me, office supplies?!?

I know I’m not the only one with this condition, though, so that does make me feel better. (Come on. Admit it. That’s the first step, you know.)

So, let me tell you what was going through my brain as I tossed these little beauties into the buggy.

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Times They Are A Changin’

And things here at Sweet Speech are changin’, too!

I’ve recently become a Private Practice Owner/Operator, and I felt that my brand and practice should merge.

While you’ll still be able to find loads of SWEETIES, speech tips and tricks, as well as product reviews here at Sweet Speech, you’ll also be able to access information about AGB Speech Therapy. If you’d like to know more now, click on the menu button in the top right corner of the page. There you can access my dedicated page (a work in progress). You can also see my contact buttons and a few other options.

AGB Speech Therapy will be mobile as I follow Sergeant Hubby  to new locations, but we are currently serving pediatric clients  in the Hill Air Force Base area of Utah. We specialize in military insurance, so I felt a patriotic theme was fitting.

I hope you like what’s new and continue to love Sweet Speech: Home of AGB Speech Therapy!



The Speech and Language Umbrella

The Speech Umbrella

Recently, I was published on the ASHAsphere blog. I discussed some ways to collaborate with classroom teachers to support speech and language students’ needs at school. Part of the blog posting included links to a presentation I created that explains to teachers what Speech-Language Pathology looks like in the schools. I wanted to give you a more in depth look at this presentation and the accompanying handout at Sweet Speech.Click here to download this presentation at The BonBonSpeecher Store


I’ve been Published!

This could be the biggest thing to happen to me since marrying my husband 8 years ago!

This is certainly the biggest thing to happen for me professionally! I’ve been published on the ASHAspere blog!

Please head there now (click the picture below) to get some tips on collaborating with teachers this school year.SLPscollaborate