How does Speech Therapy work?

  • Consultation
    • We will meet to ask and answer questions and discuss your concerns. Any previous testing results and/or medical information will be reviewed and new data collected.
      If more information is required, informal screening or evaluation may be recommended.
  • Informal Screening
    • An informal screening will be conducted to determine if evaluation and/or treatment services are necessary.
  • Evaluation
    • I will administer applicable testing in all areas of need.
    • I will compose a comprehensive report of assessment results.
  • Treatment Plan
    • We will meet to discuss the assessment results and recommendations.
    • We will develop an individualized plan of care with goals and objectives for specific speech/language needs.
  • Schedule
    • Most clients will receive 60 minutes of treatment per week. These sessions may occur bi-weekly for 30 minutes each or in one full hour session. Therapy frequency and duration will be based on the specific needs of each individual client.
  • Therapy Details
    • With each therapy session, I offer parent/guardian guidance and training and expect parents/guardians to provide support to their children outside of the therapy setting.
    • I will offer parents/guardians materials and resources to assist their children in achieving success with communication goals.

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