What Are The Major Causes Of Rollover Car Collisions And Ways To Avoid?

In the United States, one of the main causes of injury is rollover car crashes. Every now and then, rollover collisions occur in different states of the country and most lead to severe to fatal injuries. Victims who survive a rollover car crash suffer from an acute physical and mental condition. It isn’t easier at all to make up for the damages and losses that the majority of rollover car accident victims incur.

Almost 1% of all car collisions result in a rollover, and one-third of all accident-related deaths happen due to car or truck rollover crashes. Certain typical reasons cause rollover car accidents that kill drivers and passengers or make them go through a devastating and excruciating phase.

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Prime Causes of a Car Rollover Collision

There are two main reasons behind the rollover of a car during a collision. The first one is when drivers lose complete control of their cars and drift off the roadway, and the second one is when drivers involve them in risky driving without caring about the speed limit. Read on to know some other causes of rollover car collisions.

Excessive Speed

No matter whether it involves a lone-car accident or a couple of cars or more crashing one another, excessive speed is to be blamed for the collision. The impact is certain to be devastating when one car strikes the other one at high-speed. Most cars involved in excessive speed crashes usually tip over to one side or roll over completely.


When a driver is affected by drugs or alcohol to such an extent that both the physical and psychological conditions notably diminish, the probability of a rollover car crash becomes higher. It becomes impossible for a drive no matter how many years of driving experience he has, to drive safely. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, a driver is bound to lack driving prowess.

Car Manufacturing Defects

Rollover car collisions take place many times due to manufacturing or design defects. Despite the electronic stability control feature, which prevents rollover car crashes, one or the other day, rollover collisions occur across the country.

Driver Control

Even when not intoxicated, many drivers end up losing control of the car they drive, and that causes a rollover accident many a time. Due to the carelessness and unexpected behaviors of drivers such as using mobile while driving, violating traffic signals and falling asleep, rollover car collisions take place often.

Make sure that you keep the top causes mentioned above in mind while you drive. It is also essential to check the condition of your tire every time before you begin driving your car because rollover collisions also crop up due to tire failure. Knowing the prime causes and taking necessary precautions can prevent you from becoming a victim of a rollover car accident.