Milestone: Twitter Official

I’m a little behind in the world of social media, so you’ll have to excuse my excitement over the breaking news here at Sweet Speech.

I’m on Twitter!!

You can follow my by clicking on the birdie button to the right or by clicking HERE.

It’s still a work in progress so stay tuned for updates and such.

How are you using Twitter? Got any tips to share with beginners like me?


  1. I was on twitter but put my account on hold. I just didn’t have enough time to check it, and it was a bit overwhelming! I don’t know how I haven’t seen your blog before now! (I saw it on Busy Bee Speech’s comments!)

  2. Welcome to Sweet Speech, Mary! I’m glad you found me. Thanks for the warning about Twitter getting overwhelming. Once we get back stateside I’m hoping to use the Twitter account to stay up to date with all the speechies out there. I like your “Week in Review” linky. I’ll try to snap some pictures and join you this Friday. рџ™‚

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