Space Race – Receptive Language

If your caseload and scheduling problems are similar to mine, you’ve noticed that the only time you can happily pull students for treatment is during science and social studies…but wait.
That’s not really true, is it? 

My science and social studies teachers are not always happy to have our shared students consistently miss out on their classes in exchange for speech therapy. I’ve always told my teachers that I love to incorporate curriculum into therapy sessions and that if they’d send me vocab lists and worksheets I’m happy to make those into therapy stimuli whenever possible.  How many teachers have taken me up on this offer? Maybe three in over three years of therapy. But, I could see that my language disordered students were having issues in science class especially.

Have you reviewed a science textbook lately? No? Well, let me tell you what you’ll find. Ready? High level language skills, reading/auditory comprehension, comparing and contrasting, predicting and inferring, multisyllabic words, prefixes and suffixes…
In short – 

It’s all speech, baby!

So, I’ve begun using the textbooks to inspire me. 

Click here to go to The BonBonSpeecher Store at TN

This one is designed to target vocabulary and speech language skills at the fourth and fifth grade levels using the Pearson texts.

Eventually the whole bundle will include all of the units pictured below.

But tonight, I’m only publishing the Receptive Language portion.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 4 pocket sized question reminder cards
  • 6 cards targeting each WH question type
  • 6 cards targeting one step directions
  • 6 cards targeting two step sequential directions
  • 6 cards targeting three step sequential directions
  • 6 cards targeting conditional directions
  • 10 cards with short passages and questions for listening/reading comprehension
  • 10 cards with actions and 3-4 steps that can be put in order for sequencing goals
  • 12 category cards where students listen to the items and name the category
  • 1 “Blast Off!” Board for reinforcement

That’s a whole lotta bang! You can find this first section with images of the cards and a preview of the file at The BonBonSpeecher Store on Tp T and TN now, or you can wait until Saturday for the bundle. 

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