SLP Snapshots – A Peek at my Week

Welcome to the first installment of SLP Snapshots. I’m excited to show you all what I’ve been up to in the speech room. Come on in!

First, I’d like to share this newbie flashback moment.


I know better than to wear a brand new pair of shoes on a day when I’m going to be on my feet, but I did it anyway. Lesson learned: High heels on the first day of preschool is NOT a good idea…but aren’t my band-aids pretty?! SO SPARKLY!

My students have discovered the marble run toy on the top shelf. It’s been great for requesting goals and expanding utterances. This little guy was working on using verbs, so he earned a piece of the marble run for each correct production. Then he had to request the marbles once the whole thing was ready to go.


I bought this one on sale at Lakeshore Learning. You can still grab it for $12.99!

Or there’s a really fancy one here at Amazon. Click the Affiliate Link for more information.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have seen that Christmas came early!


I was concerned that my HIPPA protected documents were being sent to “public printers” in the school workroom, so I asked for a printer in my office. I told my principal that if I could have a color printer I would use my teacher supply money to help offset the cost of the ink. The Technology Specialist came in the next day and asked if I wanted duplex printing capabilities. I said, “YES, please!!”
I’m so lucky, I know.

Of course, Friday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so I pulled out all the pirate activities I have to share with my students. We had so much fun playing pirates that I forgot to take pictures! I did set everything back up at home though so you can see all the fun things we did.


That’s a copy of “Shiver%20Me%20Letters:%20A%20Pirate%20ABC " target="_blank">Shiver me Letters: A Pirate ABC Book” by June Sobel.
My preschoolers loved the Fisher-Price%20Little%20People%20%20Lil%20Pirate%20Ship " target="_blank">Little People Pirate Ship. We used it mainly for vocabulary, following directions and prepositions – “Put the boy pirate in the hammock. Put the parrot on the stand. Make the girl pirate climb up the mast to the crow’s nest.”
Then I used the Pirate Pre-K Pack from Over The Big Moon. My grade schoolers liked collecting the chipper chat tokens for the board after each talking turn.
Finally, there’s the “Pirate Parlay: Phonological Awareness Activities” set from my own TPT store. I haven’t had a chance to update this one with the new brand, but you can still grab the original version.

This week was also Parent/Teacher Conferences for the A track of my year round school. That meant early morning meetings and late evenings, but I didn’t mind. In between conferences, I was able to plan some activities and print some new materials. I even wrote up 5 IEPs, two of which were dismissals from speech services! It’s so rewarding!

Come back soon (or click the picture below) so you can see what I plan to do with my new collection of Post-It notes. I may or may not have gone a little nuts in the office supply aisle at Wally World last week!


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