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Teachers really are heroes, and so are SLPs. We’re like the real deal. We cross boundaries between the General Ed and Special Ed worlds. We have a skill set that is unlike any other professional in the building. We teach students how to communicate – that’s our super power!

I’ve created a Reinforcement Bundle with a superhero theme, and my students are LOVING it! The boys ask for it all the time and the girls think it’s great to see some heroines in the mix. IMG_0703

This game set includes a board game for use with any topic. There is also a BATTLE card game that’s played like War. Students will earn cards with each talking turn, and when the whole deck has been distributed, the game begins. Each player will turn over a card from their deck and the highest card wins the lot. If there is a tie, the players who tie will toss out cards from their hand until there is a winner for that round. The player to collect all the cards is the winner. IMG_0705

Also included is an open ended card game. I have included several ways to play this game, linking it to articulation, language and fluency goals. You can assign different meanings to the cards to suit your groups’ needs. Each set has numbers 1-9. I often have my artic students draw a card and say their sounds the number of times that’s pictured on the card. It’s a great way to get in a lot of repetitions in one session. IMG_0709

By far, the MOST asked for games in my speech room are these dice games. Print and create the dice. Cut out the character strips and give one to each student. After each talking turn, the student will roll the die then use a Chipper Chat token to cover up the character on their strip. If the student rolls a character they’ve already covered their turn is over. The first person to cover all the characters is the winner. These dice have a “POW” panel. Some students want that to mean they get to roll again. Other students have had fun losing all their tokens and starting over. You can let your students decide what the “POW” panel will mean for their game play. Letting them decide is a good way to target negotiating and compromise with social skills students.


IMG_0708 I’ve also gotten many questions about the characters. “Why is there a girl Spiderman?” “Who is this green guy?” I’ve enjoyed taking data on these questions and explaining the process of creating clip-art and materials for use in the classroom.
















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