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We have a guest post from Miss Speechie at Speech Time Fun today. She’s going to talk about some of her favorite materials for Autism treatment. Come on in!

Students with Autism benefit from a multi-sensory approach to learning. They need to see, touch, feel, hear, and experience to learn. That is why I love using interactive materials with this population.


There are tons of commercially available interactive materials available. There are several that are ready to go and some with a little bit of modifications can be perfect for this population. I will share some of my favorites with you!


I am a huge fan of the materials from Speech Page. I have done various product reviews of their materials. You can check some of them out by clicking: HERE, HERE, and HERE! Their materials come ready to go, in a protective packaging, and Velcro! There are very easy instructions and “scripts” included. I just love the basic skills they cover, the cute graphics, and the motivated themes. I use their materials to work on sequencing, producing complete sentences, following directions, listening for details, answering questions, and more!


Other favorites of mine include the resource boxes and kits from Lakeshore Learning. They are interactive, include “real life” objects, and are great for working on basic language skills. Learn more about the following items by clicking on the links below:

Preposition Words Resource Box

What Goes Together Concept Kit

Category Sorting Concept Kit

As you can tell, I love interactive materials. Anything that is hands on and allows for tons of drilling/repetitions is a favorite of mine! Hop on over to my blog to learn about materials I have created for this population with this idea in mind!

Miss Speechie, M.S. CCC-SLP, is a licensed speech-language pathologist working in a public school setting. Learn more about her by visiting her blog or following her on Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest , and her TpT store !

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