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Back and forth. Back and forth. Sometimes it seems like I spend more time in the hallways than I do in my speech room. Which is why I started using that time as an integral part of our treatment session. Here’s what I incorporate:

Bulletin Boards:В My kiddos love to show off their work and it gives me an opportunity to see how it compares to their classmates.

Art Displays: I get fascinating info from my kiddos when we stop at an array of pictures and I ask “which do you like?” It might prompt anything from it incorporates their favorite color to their favorite animal to a personal anecdote I hadn’t heard before. I love hearing those associations.

Word Games: Those long hallways give us a chance to locate letters or objects that start with our target sound. We might use a wand to start changing the first sound of objects we pass (click here for the full description). For instance, if our sound is /m/ we might relabel objects like “might switch,” (light switch), “moor,” (door), or “mire (m)extinguisher.”

Memory Games: Here’s a chance to work on holding on to a short list of objects. Can you remember from your room to mine?

I Spy: Sometimes I’ll list three to four salient attributes of an object that they need to track down during our journey.

Verb Tenses: It’s an ideal time to follow directions, “Tiptoe to the next door.” Once we’ve traveled a bit, I’ll ask them, “What did we do?” “We tiptoed down the hall.” (For a full description of this activity, click here.)

Social Skills:В A perfect (sometimes strategically planted) opportunity to greet other in the hallway or answer a question while my assistance is at hand.

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  1. Terrific ideas! I don’t think that SLPs are ever quiet in the hallways! I’m loving all of the great posts in this blog hop!

  2. Kim, great tips! Whether it’s a quick 5 minute drill or that long walk picking up students, we need to take advantage of the time and opportunities for language in the hallway. Thanks for organizing this incredible hop, lots of fresh ideas!

  3. What a great way to use that “wasted” time walking back and forth.

  4. I am going to use the word game idea Kim! Love it.

  5. Anonymous

    Fantastic ideas! I can use these as I walk down the hallway taking students to and from their classroom! Thank you!

  6. Great ideas! I spend A LOT of time in the hallways with some of my students. Love the magic want idea!

  7. I’ve worked in the hallway soooo much. Thanks for sharing tips! рџ™‚

  8. Kim

    Thanks for having me, Ashley!

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