Space Race – Expressive Language

Yesterday I posted the section of the Space Race Super Bundle. If you missed that information, you can go back by clicking on the picture below.

Today I’d like to introduce the Expressive Language section of the Space Race Super Bundle.

Here’s what you’ll get:
  • 6 cards targeting asking each WH question type
  • 1 card for each WH question type with suggestions about the kinds of questions your students can ask –  I found these to be helpful with my language kids as they has some trouble with this skill
  • 18 cards targeting compare/contrast skills
  • 4 pocket sized Compare/Contrast Sentence cards
  • 10 cards with an action the students can describe/retell
  • 12 cards with multiple meaning word to be used in a sentence
  • 1 “Blast Off!” Board for reinforcement

You can find the Expressive Language section of Space Race  at The BonBonSpeecher Store on  Tp T   and   TN   now, or you can wait until Saturday for the bundle. 

Tomorrow I’ll be adding the Grammar section!

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