Jumbled Sentences by Speech Sound

I’ve used jumbled sentences to address sentence structure and parts of speech with my language students for years. This year, I have a large group of articulation students who are working at the sentence level and I needed something interactive for them. Come on in and see what I created.

Jumbled Sentences by Speech Sound is the newest product in the AGB Speech Therapy Store. I started with the PBM bundle and I’m working on getting a set for all the sounds.

These jumbled sentences are designed to print on Avery Business card template 8376 for ease, but they can be printed onto regular card stock and then cut out. I bought this package of 1000 cards at Sam’s club for $6.00. IMG_0610


I printed the cards and punched them out. The cover page and the quick check cards should be printed on to regular card stock.

Jumbled Sentences 1 Jumbled Sentences 2










The cards are color coded for ease of use and I’ve included a data sheet for each sound in the initial, medial and final positions.

Jumbled Sentences 3 I had a few of these pencil pouches lying around and thought the sets would fit nicely into them. I was happy to discover I was right. I used the cover page and the quick check page as dividers to keep the cards separated by position with the extra cards in the back. One sound fits perfectly into each pencil pouch.

Jumbled Sentences 7 Jumbled Sentences 4

Jumbled Sentences 5



You can pick some up from Amazon by clicking the Affiliate link below.

Each sound has 10 jumbled sentences for each position. That’s 90 sentences in the PBM bundle alone!! The Complete Set is growing and will have all the sounds in all positions, plus blends for /s/, /l/ and /r/ AND Vocalic R. Don’t miss this! Check it out at the AGB Speech Therapy store online now.

These will be great for targeting speech sounds at the sentence level. They can also be used to target sentence structure, grammar, and parts of speech. Some of the pages will have blank cards. I plan to write new words on them and use them to expand the sentences. I’m sure there are other activities. Can you think of any?

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